Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Update part one

I sincerely apologize to everyone for my prolonged absence. I’ve been very busy lately and neglected my blog. Here are some of the things that kept me occupied:

House renovations. We only had one room left to renovate in the house, the upstairs bathroom, and after two months of dust and mess it’s done. Now it looks like a spa. I forgot to take “before” pictures. Sorry about that. But all you have to do is imagine a bad fifties decor, blue tiles, pink tub and salmon wallpaper. No kidding that’s how it was. My husband made the stained glass by the way.

Sick puppies. After three surgeries and sadly sixteen teeth extractions my two Scottie girls are finally healthy. They are rescue dogs; that’s why they were so neglected. I just wish we had them before the damage was done. Fortunately all ends well. Kate and Allie are now healthy and happy.

Here they are resting after surgery.

On a different note, here’s some good news. I am a finalist for Prince George Regional Arts and Cultural Awards 2012 in the fiction category along with Lynda William and Heather Mantler. Michelle Milburn (She did two of my books covers.) is a finalist for outstanding graphic design.

That concludes update part one. Update part two will be about my new project, revisions and agent. There are some big news coming. :)