Friday, April 11, 2008

It’s sale time at Night Shade Books

Night Shade Books is having a HUGE sale. I’m not kidding! They are offering 50% off all in-stock and forthcoming titles. (There is a four book minimum order.) But that’s great news because Night Shade is home to a bunch of great writers, and they’ve got tons of wonderful books to choose from, including mine, THE PRINCES OF THE GOLDEN CAGE and THE KING’S DAUGHTERS. So if you are an avid reader like me, it’s time to stock up on books. Go and check it out, people!

Interview with Jeremy Lassen

Over at The Agony Column, there’s a podcast interview with Night Shade editor-in-chief Jeremy Lassen. [MP3]

The First Book

Scott William Carter interviewed me recently at The First Book.

Here’s a snippet: "I always wanted to write. I made a few attempts throughout the years, but only really became serious about it recently. I told myself, 'If I don't do it now, it will never happen.' . . ."

Read the rest of the interview here!


Just a reminder that THE KING’S DAUGTHERS, the second book in the Prince Amir Mystery series, will come out this July from Night Shade Books.

Far to the north of the hot desert land of Telfar lies the frozen kingdom of Sorvinka. Prince Amir has traveled there, leaving his sultanate in the hands of his half-brother Erik as he seeks to ask the king, the father of the beautiful Princess Eva, for her hand in marriage. But Sorvinka has grown dangerous during Princess Eva's absence, as she and Amir discover to their terror, when their force of guards and eunuchs is cut down by ruthless brigands. And upon their arrival, their welcome to Eva's family stronghold is as bitterly cold as the land itself. Accustomed to the golden cage of his upbringing, Prince Amir must navigate his way through the strange and cold-blooded customs of the Sorvinkans, and somehow find the truth behind the kidnapping of the king's youngest daughter, the Princess Aurora, by the Sorvinkan’s traditional enemies, the neighboring Farrellians. But what can a stranger in a foreign land do?

Pre-order it today!

American Gothic Mice

Last November, I attended the World Fantasy
Convention in Saratoga, NY; I had a wonderful time there and wanted to bring back a souvenir from the trip. I wanted something different though, (meaning not a tourist trinket) something fun, whimsical and most importantly something American in spirit. Well, after having scoured the city for the perfect souvenir, I wound up finding it at the convention’s art show: American Gothic Mice, an original watercolor by Alan F. Beck. What better souvenir of my trip to the States than a parody of the famous, iconic image of rural America, American Gothic by Grant Wood.

As the painting was part of a silent auction there was no guarantee that I wound win it. Meanwhile my husband was trying to win Draculmouse, also by Alan F. Beck.
Check out this talented artist’s entire work here.

Sadly, my husband lost that auction. But I won mine—yay! Now American Gothic Mice is proudly displayed in my office.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


For anyone interested in fencing, I highly recommend visiting the ARMA's, the association for renaissance martial arts, site.

Friday, April 4, 2008


The rapier is Amir’s weapon of choice. It is a slender, single-handed sword used mainly for thrusting attacks in duels.
To see how those swords were used, check out the two fencing examples below.

Rapier Fencing From ARMA

Stage Combat Rapier and Dagger

Girls can kick ass too!