Monday, January 23, 2012

I Heart Reading reviews Death in the Traveling City

As promised, here is the third review in the series by reviewer/author Majanka Verstraete.

Here’s a excerpt:

“Nathalie Mallet doesn’t cease to amaze me by adding intriguing and fascinating concepts to her stories, altering them to fit into a fantasy setting and throwing her main character, Prince Amir, right in the middle of them. Surprisingly enough, this works every time. Even though I know from the start that I’m going to get a mystery and suspense story, I can’t wait to dive into the middle of it and find out what happens next. Prince Amir is an amusing character, and I enjoy seeing his personality change throughout every novel. The supportive cast in this book is extremely impressive, and the setting is undoubtably fascinating. The writing style, once again, is sublime and pulled me right into the book from page one. I read this book in one sitting. I recommend Death In The Traveling City – and the entire series for that matter – to all fans of the fantasy genre and the mystery and suspense genre.” More.

Wow, I’m blushing. :-)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

I Heart Reading reviews The King’s Daughters

This is the second review in a series of four by reviewer and author of Majanka Verstraete. See the first review below. It’s awesome! :-)

Here are two excerpts:

“The story is well though-through and developed, and the mystery isn’t easily solved. I loved the mixture of folklore with the mystery at hand, and the way everything blends in well together.”

“I liked The Princes of the Golden Cage. I loved The King’s Daughters. So far, the Prince Amir Series has presented me with an intriguing and outstanding mixture of mystery and suspense, fantasy, history and romance, and I’m loving every bit of it. The more I get to know Prince Amir, the more irresistible and charming I find him. He doesn’t have the typical hero-personality, which gives him an edge that I particularly like. The supportive cast is a varying group of people at well, each with their own unique quirks. The storyline itself is strong and well-developed, and with enough plot twists to keep you on the edge of your seat.” More.

I am thrilled by these two amazing reviews! :-) Check them out and also check out Majanka’s new book, Mirror, Mirror.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

I Heart Reading reviews The Princes of the Golden Cage.

Reviewer and Author of Mirror, Mirror, Majanka Verstraete has just posted an in-depth review of The Princes of the Golden Cage on her blog, I Heart Reading.

Here are a few excerpts from it:

“Although set in a fantasy world with its roots based on the Ottoman Empire, The Princes of the Golden Cage isn’t your standard fantasy novel, and I applaud it for that.”

“The mystery part plays a giant role in this novel, once again making it stand out from the crowd. The mystery in itself is intriguing to say the least and the fact that magic might play a role in it makes it all the more interesting, especially since our main character is skeptic towards the existence of magic.”

“Prince Amir is an enjoyable character with a complicated but intriguing personality. The murder mystery is tense and exciting from the beginning and leads up to a most surprising conclusion.” More.

This is a very interesting review, the first of a series of four, so please check it out! :-)