Thursday, March 4, 2010

SFRevu Review

Colleen Cahill wrote a great review of The King’s Daughters for SFRevu.

"In her first book, The Princes of the Golden Cage [2007], Nathalie Mallet took a pass at fairy tales and brought us a new version, with the Prince being locked away rather than the Princess. In her second book about Prince Amir, The King's Daughters [2009], we are again in a medieval fantasy setting, but this time we move from the Arabian Nights to a North Eastern European arena. The good news is Mallet continues to bring us a piece full of fascinating characters and intriguing plots, all presented in a compelling style; the bad news (for Amir) is that while the Prince might be out of the cage, life is not getting any easier.... This book is a good read for fans of medieval fantasy, especially those who want something that does not follow the standard plot. You need not have read the earlier work to enjoy this book, but I recommend both of them. On a cold winter's night, you can't do better than snuggling in with The King's Daughters."

While you’re there check out her review of The Princes of the Golden Cage.

Wag the Fox Reviews The King’s Daughters

Gef Fox, over at Wag the Fox, has posted a review of The King’s Daughters for Rabid Reads.

“The novel has a fairly quick pace to it, establishing characters quickly and getting right into the action whenever possible. …for me the real treats came in getting to know the supporting characters, namely Diego--a husband to one of the princesses and deceptively swashbuckling sort--and Amir's bodyguard and confidant, Milo--a eunuch with more balls than most of the king's court. …I think Mallet has a pretty good thing going with this series. If the rest of her novels are able to keep up a nontraditional, fast pace for a medieval fantasy series, I think fans of the genre could be in for a treat.”

Love Gef’s take on Milo! :)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


December brought me all sorts of gifts, including a bevy of reviews. Here they are in no particular order.

Starfire at Songs and Spinnings has a review of The Princes of the Golden Cage.

“I enjoyed Princes of the Golden Cage... it's light and quick to read, without demanding too much brainage from me, but at the same time, it's not pure unadulterated fluff either.”

Memory over at Stella Matunia also has a review of The Princes of the Golden Cage.

“I enjoy both mystery and fantasy, so I got a big kick out of this book. Mallet blends the two genres together very nicely indeed. She gives us both a fully realized secondary world (which sports clear ties to certain regions of our own world) and a nicely-plotted mystery with plenty of twists and turns.”

Lexie at Poisoned Rationality reviewed The Princes of the Golden Cage.

“The Arabian setting, even an Arabian inspired fantasy, was vastly interesting. Mallet's take on the all those Princes in line for the throne is equally entertaining.”

Also at Poisoned Rationality is a review of The King’s Daughters.

“…an entertaining and different read. The blend of mystery, fantasy and romance, as well as alternate history, works fairly well for the book on a whole and kept me interested throughout.”

Rabia Gale gives a brief review of both The Princes of the Golden Cage and The King’s Daughters.

“I like Mallet’s willingness to be ruthless with her characters’ lives and emotions…. I’m looking forward to the next installment.”

Big THANKS to all! :)