Sunday, November 11, 2007

World Fantasy Convention

This year the World fantasy convention was held in Saratoga Spring, NY, a stunning city with streets bordered by majestic Victorian houses. Horseracing is Saratoga’s main attraction, so there are statures of horses everywhere, either the solid bronze type or the whimsical fiberglass ones.

This was my favorite horse.

WFC was an opportunity for me to meet my publisher: me and Jeremy Lassen from Night Shade Books.

I enjoyed Dave Duncan's reading.

I met a lot of new people at the con. Here are some of them: Gary Frank, Charles Coleman Finlay, Jude-Marie Green, editor at Abyss & Apex, James Alan Gardner, Joel Champetier and his wife Valerie, Peter Halasz, administrator at the Sunburst Award, L.E. Modesitt, Derryl Murphy, Linda L. Donahue, Yves Meynard and Benoit Girard of the fanzine “The Frozen Frog”.

I was delighted to meet James Alan Gardner. I love all his books.

I was happy to see many friendly faces at the con, like: Christian Sauvé, Jean-Louis Trudel, Cliff Samuels and Eileen Capes, Robert j. Sawyer, Matthew Hughes, Randy McCharles and Val King, John Joseph Adams and Jenny Rappaport.

Me and Christian Sauvé of Fractale Franboise.

The autograph reception was a success. The room was buzzing with activity.

A group of Canadian authors dining together.

My loot: all the books I brought back from the con. Ouch! My back hurts.


Derryl Murphy said...

Nathalie, good to see you here! Saratoga Springs in in upstate New York, not New England. And holy smokes, I haven't used that old website for a long time. Thanks for reminding me. I've been planning on getting it back together.


Nathalie Mallet said...

Hey, thanks for telling me, Derryl. Glad to see you made it back safely; hope everything went well for you in Saratoga.