Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Battles in the park

I am fortunate to live near one of Prince George’s nicest park, which also happens to be the meeting ground of UNBC's Medieval Club (also called the Wolfpack). During summer, members of the club gather in the park once a week to practice, meaning they engage in fierce battles for dominance. No kidding, I can hear the sound of weapons striking shields and armor from my house. So this week I decided to go over and snap a few pictures.
Wearing white is Argyle MacMillan, then you have Narfi Naemsson, sporting chain mail.
And the maiden with the red cape, yes that is a woman, is none other than Dea Blooddrinker. Unfortunately, the fourth knight, the one with the white triquetra symbol on his tunic, is unknown.

They’re ganging up on the big guy.

Argyle and Dea locked in battle.

Protection is a must.

Wrist and hand guards.

A few wenches are here to support the brave warriors.

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