Thursday, November 6, 2008

WFC report

I had a wonderful time at the World Fantasy Convention in Calgary. I met up with Jeremy Lassen, Editor-in-chief of Night Shade Books, and got news about my book’s release date, mid-December.

I spent some time at the SF Canada table, promoting Canadian writers of speculative fiction.

I went to several readings—David Anthony Durham’s and Candas Jane Dorsey’s to name a few. And among the many interesting panels scheduled during the weekend, my favorites were: The Language of Fantasy, Killing Significant Characters and Genre Hopping.

I was ambushed by Steph Thevideoguy at the autograph reception—it was both thrilling and terrifying. (Mostly terrifying though.)

I also gave an interview to a producer of webcast documentaries, Adrienne Loska, who is putting together a piece about Night Shade Books.

Of course, there were parties with friends, Nina Munteanu, the people of Bundoran Press, and Edge, Lynda Williams, Christian Sauvé, Jennifer Rahn, Alison Sinclair, Rebecca Bradley and Marie Jakober . My apologies to those I forgot to mention.

Lynda and I discussed ancient weaponry with bow-and-arrow expert Tim Hills. To my surprise, when I told him that the third book in my series had a Mongolian inspired setting, he swiftly pulled out a Mongolian thumb ring from his pocket—these were used with Mongolian bows to draw the strings. Only at a fantasy convention can you meet someone carrying a Mongolian thumb ring in his back pocket.

One of the highlights of my weekend was when I met authors Elizabeth Vaughan, Kay Kenyon and Rebecca Rowe, three amazing ladies.


David Anthony Durham said...

Hey Nathalie,

Thanks for coming to my reading! It was nice to meet you. Here's hoping we bump into each other again sometime. And all the best with your books!


Nathalie Mallet said...

Thanks David,

It was a pleasure meeting you! I really enjoyed your reading and look forward to getting the book. And if you’re coming to World Con 2009 in Montreal, there is a good chance we’ll bump into each other again. In the meantime, my fingers are crossed for Acacia THE MOVIE to get greenlighted.