Thursday, May 7, 2009

Done…for now

My urban fantasy is finally completed, and the manuscript is now being read (for the first time, gulp) by a couple of people…trusted friends whose opinions I value. Oh, I’m sure there will be more tweaking needed once they are done reading the novel. Nah, I’ll see to it then. I have enough on my plate right now, writing the synopsis and making it exciting. It’s a daunting task, which I must confess I don’t enjoy too much. But it has to be done.

On a lighter note, I went to see Wolverine last weekend. Although it was entertaining enough, I was not blown away by it. It was fun. The next movie I plan to go to see is STAR TREK. I will not lie; I have high hopes for this one. I really want it to be more than just another popcorn movie. Well, we’ll see.


A. Saffar said...

Congratulation on finishing your new book. Do you have a working title? Also would this mean that you will now be focusing on a new Prince Amir novel?

Nathalie Mallet said...

Hi A. Saffar,

Of course I have a title for that novel, but I’m a bit superstitious when it comes to titles. I believe that mentioning them too early is bad luck. So I prefer not to divulge it just yet.

As for the Prince Amir Series, book three, titled DEATH IN THE TRAVELING CITY, is fully completed. It is listed as forthcoming in THE KING’S DAUGHTERS, and there is also a teaser for it at the end of that volume. And book four is halfway done, so as you can see I had time to work on something else.

Alex Bledsoe said...

Congratulations on finishing the MS, Nathalie! Look forward to hearing more about it.

Nathalie Mallet said...

Thanks Alex! I hope to do that soon.