Sunday, August 30, 2009

Con-Version Report

Okay, I’m finally fulfilling my promise of Con report and photos. I should have done it before, but I was too busy to do so. I apologize for the delay. Back to the Con: As usual Con-Version was a lot of fun. Lynda Williams and I arrived Thursday, and so did Robert J. Sawyer, who joined us in the hotel lounge for a chat and a drink.

Friday, I attended several panels, reunited with friends, Adria Laycraft and Ron Friedman, and met Tanya Huff. She’s awesome!

Later that evening, I went to the Con Cabaret. Val King and her friend made us laugh with a fun number.

Tanya sang too.
After the cabaret, Bundoran Press Publisher Virginia O’Dine, author Hayden Trenholm, his lovely wife Liz, Roy Fisher, Rob Sawyer and I gathered in the hotel bar and stayed there until the place closed down.
Saturday, I met more friends, Jennifer Rahn, Publisher Brian Hades and his wife Anita, Cliff Samuel and Eileen. I also made a new friend, Sherry Peters. And, oh yeah, I signed some books. The three Guests of Honor together: Terry Brooks, Robert J. Sawyer and Tanya Huff. The panel’s subject was the author’s life: From the art to the business of writing for a living.

Randy McCharles and Terry Brooks joking before a panel.

At the masquerade, my favorite costumes belonged to the steampunk gang.

Sunday, I bought some books at the Sentry Box, which I later had signed by Terry and Rob. By the way Terry Brooks is the most charming man I’ve ever met. My favorite panel: Dave Duncan and Terry Brooks talking about building engrossing fantasy worlds.

A group of Medieval knights shopping for weapons.

The Con ended in beauty with a big dinner with the members of IFWA (Imaginative Fiction Writers Association)—Mmmm, “bronto ribs”! And to cap everything off, someone gave my friend Virginia The Clap and E.Coli; she was really happy about it. You are probably scratching your head right now, wondering how can anyone enjoy getting The Clap and E.Coli? Well, if they are Giant Plush Microbes, one does. ;)
Those infectiously cute germs were sold at the convention.

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