Sunday, December 6, 2009

Coffee Time Romance Review

Maura, reviewer at Coffee Time Romance, reviews THE KING’S DAUGHTERS and gives it four cups.

Here’s an excerpt: “There is much to keep the reader interested in the story and no dull stretches like many books of this genre. I found myself getting caught up in the plot and Amir’s adventures making me want to read the rest of the saga, so I bought the first book which I will be starting shortly.”

Thanks Maura! :)


Chicory said...

`Amir has many quirks and flaws which made me like him more'

I'd have to second that. :)

Nathalie Mallet said...

Hey, what can I say, I love flawed characters. They feel more real to me.:)

Chicory said...

They're definitely easier to identify with. There are so few of us who can say our only flaw is perfection. :)

Nathalie Mallet said...

LOL! So true!