Monday, July 23, 2007

RIGHTEOUS ANGER by Lynda Williams

The second installment in the Okal Rel Saga, Righteous Anger is a compelling coming-of-age story with intergalactic repercussions. It follows the tribulations of Horth Nersal, a genetically enhanced Sevolite highborn. Affected by a speech impediment, young Horth compensates for his lack of verbal skill with an uncanny ability with the sword. In a society ruled by Sword Law, where disputes are settled by duels, such ability is a precious gift. One Horth must rely on for his survival.

Righteous Anger is a wonderfully intricate story, filled with action, intrigue and drama. If you're interested in learning more about Lynda Williams' Okal Rel Universe and Saga, check out the links below.

EDGE Roundtable interview (includes talk on Courtesan Prince andRighteous Anger):


Lynda said...

Lovely to see Righteous Anger on your blog Nathalie! Loving your book, Princes of the Golden Cage, as well! My husband, David, nabbed it and finished it by himself without waiting to read it to each other anymore. That's a good sign! (If frustrating for readerly togetherness.) Other two books he's done that with this year are Righteous Anger (that was a nice suprise!) and oh, yeah, Harry Potter #7.

Nathalie Mallet said...

Wonderful! I’m very happy that you and your family enjoyed the book. I look forward to seeing you and Jenny again.