Saturday, August 25, 2007

Con-Version 23

I’m finally fulfilling my promise of Con report and photos—better late than never, they say! I’ll begin by saying that the experience was an entirely positive one. I’ve met a bevy of cool authors, participated in my first panel and had a reading of my novel—and yes party hardy. So here are a few choice snapshots of the Con.

First we visited downtown Calgary. I couldn’t resist posing with that cow!

There’s nothing like a trip to the sushi boat restaurant to prepare you for a Con. In the forefront is Nina Munteanu, author of Darwin’s Paradox, then Karl Johanson of Neo-Opsis Science Fiction Magazine and at the back Dominic Maguire and Virginia O’Dine of Bundoran Press.

Now that we had acquired nourishment Nina and I could attack the Con. That’s us with the Dragon Moon publisher, Gwen Gades, in the pink Blazer with Nina Munteanu center and me.

Three wonderful ladies and talented writers I had the privilege to spend time with. On the left Allison Sinclair, Marie Jakober and Lynda Williams. I also met author Jennifer Rahn, Hayden Treholm and (drumroll) Jack McDevitt. I have an especially fond memory of eating breakfast with Adria Laycraft, a young writer on the rise. She showed me pictures of her lovely garden and we talked about plants, landscaping and writing, of course.

My first panel, Crossing Genres, (a hot topic these days) with Nina Munteanu.

Nina Munteanu and Jack McDevitt, they were on several panels together.

Historical European Medieval and Renaissance’s martial art, one of my favorite lectures/demonstrations.

Then there was Star Trek: the musical. It was mostly bad singing…but oh so fun.

As usual in conventions, we were invaded by aliens. There was so many of these creatures that some were sold at auction. This lady bought those two—in my opinion, money well spent.

We were never in real danger though, because the Men in Black were there.

At the end of a successful Con, writers were exhausted! Lynda Williams certainly was. I was still standing…but only barely.


sfgirl said...

LOL! Great shots, Nathalie! I KNOW you had a good time...But no shots of the bar?... :D

sfgirl said...

p.s., Nathalie...Tag! You're it! Go to The Alien Next Door...

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed our modest little Con. :) Thank you for the kind comments, even if there was some fiction involved ('young' is somewhat of a stretch, but I'll go along with it as gracefully as I can.