Saturday, August 25, 2007

More reviews

I’m quite overwhelmed by the favorable reception given to THE PRINCES OF THE GOLDEN CAGE by reviewers.

Here's an excerpt from Graeme’s Fantasy Book review:

“The sense of paranoia within the Cage almost leaps off the page and grabs the reader by the throat and I don’t think I’ve read an ‘Arabian Nights’ style fantasy novel where the stereotypical Grand Vizier, dashing swordsman and beautiful princess have felt more at home. Considering this is a relatively quick read (298 pages), the characterization has to be spot on and Mallet handles this superbly.” Read more.

Excerpt from Bookgasm:

“a pretty darn good read. The Princes of the Golden Cage from Nathalie Mallet and Night Shade Books may not be your normal fantasy cup of tea, but it has an intriguing concept, and enough going on with its characters that you might look forward to a sequel.” Read more.


Chris, The Book Swede said...

My copy arrived yesterday, along with another HUGE book from a different publisher (Orbit).

The two best fantasy books I've read this year... in one weekend! I really enjoyed Princes... and I'll let you know when I have my review up :)

I made the stupid mistake of reading the teaser for book two...

The Book Swede

Nathalie Mallet said...

I'm glad I got you hooked, Chris. :D