Thursday, October 23, 2008

Second draft

Today, I have begun revising my urban fantasy. I was a tad apprehensive about it, because I haven’t written anything in the last couple weeks and feared I would have a hard time getting back into the groove of things. But to my surprise, it went very well. So much so in fact, I finished chapter one—which is very unusual. Normally my first chapters are always the ones that demand the most work. Not this time though. And although this chapter still need a bit of tweaking, as it stands now, it’s not bad. In all, this was a good day. Tomorrow, I’ll tackle chapter two.


Alex Bledsoe said...

Revising rocks. It's the fun part for me. Glad it started off well for you!

Nathalie Mallet said...

Thanks, Alex! This one sure went well, but I’m likely to hit some rough patches along the way though. Fingers crossed there won’t be too many!