Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New Review of The King’s Daughters

Chadwick Ginther of McNally Robinson wrote a very nice review of The King’s Daughters.

Here’s an excerpt: “At times it feels there is a real dearth of non-western themed fantasy out there, but Mallet has created two cultures here, one, influenced heavily by the Middle East, the other by Russian and Slavic myth and folklore and has started to build a larger and cosmopolitan world. I can't wait to read more when Prince Amir heads east in the forthcoming Death in the Traveling City.” More here.

I met Chadwick at the World Fantasy Convention last year, and we’ve kept in touch since. He’s the buyer for McNally Robinson's Sci/Fi/Fantasy department. The McNally Robinson’s bookstores are AMAZING. :)


Lynda said...

Saw your article in the Free Press yesterday! I've read the first chapter. You sure do get right into it! I'm still and Amir fan.

Nathalie Mallet said...

Thanks Lynda! Amel and Amir have a lot in common beside their names.