Thursday, March 4, 2010

Wag the Fox Reviews The King’s Daughters

Gef Fox, over at Wag the Fox, has posted a review of The King’s Daughters for Rabid Reads.

“The novel has a fairly quick pace to it, establishing characters quickly and getting right into the action whenever possible. …for me the real treats came in getting to know the supporting characters, namely Diego--a husband to one of the princesses and deceptively swashbuckling sort--and Amir's bodyguard and confidant, Milo--a eunuch with more balls than most of the king's court. …I think Mallet has a pretty good thing going with this series. If the rest of her novels are able to keep up a nontraditional, fast pace for a medieval fantasy series, I think fans of the genre could be in for a treat.”

Love Gef’s take on Milo! :)


Rabid Fox said...

I was curious how that line might go over. :)

Nathalie Mallet said...

Quite well, I thought. :)