Thursday, March 4, 2010

SFRevu Review

Colleen Cahill wrote a great review of The King’s Daughters for SFRevu.

"In her first book, The Princes of the Golden Cage [2007], Nathalie Mallet took a pass at fairy tales and brought us a new version, with the Prince being locked away rather than the Princess. In her second book about Prince Amir, The King's Daughters [2009], we are again in a medieval fantasy setting, but this time we move from the Arabian Nights to a North Eastern European arena. The good news is Mallet continues to bring us a piece full of fascinating characters and intriguing plots, all presented in a compelling style; the bad news (for Amir) is that while the Prince might be out of the cage, life is not getting any easier.... This book is a good read for fans of medieval fantasy, especially those who want something that does not follow the standard plot. You need not have read the earlier work to enjoy this book, but I recommend both of them. On a cold winter's night, you can't do better than snuggling in with The King's Daughters."

While you’re there check out her review of The Princes of the Golden Cage.


Chicory said...

Nice review, but I wonder if the reviewer realized that last sentence could be taken more than one way? As soon as I read the line about snuggling in with `The King's Daughters' I pictured a young man lounging in front of a crackling fire with each of his arms across the shoulder of a lovely princess, and a third princess perched in his lap. :)

Nathalie Mallet said...

LOL! Okay, now I won't be able to get that picture out of my mind.:D

Anonymous said...

Hi :) I really enjoyed your first two books, and I was hoping you could tell me when the next one will be out. I just came across a blog post ( by Liz Williams, another Night Shade author, in which she said she was dropped by the publisher without even being contacted about it. Now I'm scared that something similar may have happened to you, too. Is Death in the Traveling City still coming out as planned?