Tuesday, September 27, 2011


When THE DIGGING CREW was first published in 2005 a lot of reviews were done. Through the years some of those reviews have vanished for one reason or another, but fortunately, many still remain. Here's a few of them: (Check out the original cover…it’s ugly.)

Coffee Time Romance Reviews:

“This is a well-written story filled with descriptions so vivid that I felt like I was down in the dark mines running alongside Sammy. Heart-stopping action and suspense, combined with a fast-paced plot, are the driving forces behind The Digging Crew. If you enjoy non-stop action, Science Fiction, and girl-power, this book is for you.”

The Best Reviews:

“Mindful of Roger Corman's women in prison flicks, THE DIGGING CREW is a wonderful tale of survival. This is a terrific futuristic thriller in which the strong survive and these women are some of the strongest.”

Caribooks: Reviews with Care:

“I like stories that put together the technology of the future and that of the past ― steel and stone, laser beams and oil lamps, rocket fuel and steam engines… So, when I have got the occasion to read “The Digging Crew”, I had some expectations about quality and setting of the story. Well, I am pleased to say that my expectations have been fulfilled.”

KC Heath, Escape Time:

“THE DIGGING CREW covers the extensive breadth of this escape in writing that is totally present and full of action. There's some pretty cool science in the story, both technological and biological. The characterization is good. The prose is clean, efficient, and well tensioned.”

Reviewer’s Choice Reviews:

“THE DIGGING CREW is actually chick lit in a new setting…. Sammy and her group kidnapped my attention and held it until their demands were met.”

Fallen Angel Reviews:

“Other reviewers have referred to this book as “science fiction chick lit,” and I have to agree! It was nice to see strong female characters willing to do what was necessary to stay alive. I was quite intrigued by the twists and turns of the story, and enjoyed it…”

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