Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Back on the horse

After nearly a month hiatus from writing (mostly spent entertaining and enjoying a visiting family member, and also thanks to a sick puppy — worry not, she’s all better now), I'm happy to say I'm back on the “proverbial” horse. It feels good to return to my usual work routine and reconnect with the characters of my still unfinished urban fantasy. Yeeeah, about that... I’m very annoyed with myself for not having finished that book yet. This is very unlike me. I’m distracted latterly, and often found myself plotting the historical novel I plan to write next instead of concentrating on the book at hand. ($%##%) I’d better stop that now and straighten up! :-(

On another note, I recently gave an interview to The Fairytale Nerd, a reviewing site, which will be posted December 1st. The interview will be accompanied by a giveaway contest, so keep an eye open for it. Also, I was glad to see that the review copies I’ve sent to reviewer Majanka Verstraete of I Heart Reading in Belgium have arrived safely. Woo hoo!


Majanka said...

Hey Nathalie! Thanks again for sending me those review copies :)

I've finished the Prince Amir series, and I most say I enjoyed them thoroughly. My favorite was The King's Daughters. I have yet to get started on The Digging Crew though, but let me tell you that I'm already looking forward to your next books - whatever genre they may be, I would happily read them. You have a very unique and enthralling writing style, and I found your books a pleasure to read so far!

No worries though, you'll get an official review as well, apart from this little bit of praise in this comment. :P I'm just a bit busy with university stuff now, as I have exams coming up, but I'm getting there. Good luck on writing the book you're currently working on!

Nathalie Mallet said...

Hi Majanka,

I’m thrilled to know that you enjoyed the Prince Amir books…and my writing style! That’s always nice to hear. :) Thank you for the update and your feedback. I really appreciate it.

Best of luck with your exams! I have a feeling you will do well, though. I can’t wait to hear from you again!