Monday, April 29, 2013

So what’s next?

That’s the question I’ve been asking myself all weekend. I’ve finished the Core-Born series’ synopses, so now I should start working on a new project, right. That’s usually what I do. Moreover, I already have an urban fantasy trilogy on the go that I really, REALLY love. It’s has a great premise, strong characters and enough originality to be distinct. But is it trendy? I have no clue! I never used to ask myself that question and don’t like that I’m asking it now.  It’s a question I can’t answer.  Sure, I have plenty of other stories in my mind that I can write. I know that some fit the market better that others…but do they speak to me. Right now…nope! It’s a heart versus head decision. When it comes to writing, my heart always wins.  Well, I guess I just made my decision…advienne que pourra.
          Me, when I'm trying to predict the next big trend in books. :-/

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